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A box of Burlesque

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

It has been a very busy week here at "Burlesque Towers!" Firstly...you may have noticed the above piccy...yes dears..thats me in vogue!!! well, no, not actually me...thats Aimee Lamour, im alittle larger than her but it is "A box of Vintage"...our older and not quite as saucy sister!! We were extremely pleased to be approached by Vogue to have an advertorial (thats an advert with words for us not quite as posh as vogue!) in there august vintage pages! but note..they approached us, not the other way round, "a box of vintage" is too proud to beg!! a box of burlesque though will take what she can get!
I've also had a meeting with "Pin-up for Heroes", www.pinupforheroes.co.uk a calender to raise money for "Help for Heroes" who are kindly using our outfits for the calender this year! they are using real everyday women, who have a connection to the forces, women of real sizes and shapes which is great...so there we were sitting in a little huddle, floor strewn with clothes and accessories asking "well, will she wear polka-dot bra and undies??" most of the women are game and looking forward to doing there bit!! it will be a fantastic experience for all involved im sure so keep your eyes open for when it goes on sale!
Lastly, our good news is our new dresses going upto a 24 are going to the manufacturers on monday... www.callmebetty.co.uk has been working with me and has come up with a fantastic plus size design so i cant wait to show you all!!
And most definately finally, we are just days away from going live with the shop so stay glued!
well, this weekend we are trading at "shakedown", a rockabilly event and they've forecast rain...so hopefully people will crowd the stall just to keep out of it and end up spending a fortune!!! theres wishful thinking!!

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