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A box of Burlesque

Monday, 28 June 2010

Busy Burlesque Bee!

Boy, have we been very busy little burlesque bees??! My ruffle panted behind hasnt stopped as we have been trading every weekend now for the last month! its difficult to know which part of the country we're in half the time...one minute im dubbing in dorset, the next im hotrodding in hampshire!! my vintage empire travels far to reach the burlesque babes of britain!! we've made a real effort with our trade stand (pictured left) and every event i get pin-upped and corsetted to show off my wares (and in some cases they are greatly admire by the men folk!). It is so wonderful to see the reaction though as there isnt another stand like it...its mostly tshirts and exhaust pipes, not much for the ladies so my gear is a welcome relief and the honeys come flocking!! there does seem to be an invisble line right outside the tent though that stops the geezers from entering...mine is normally the pitch that has a line of guys outfront all redfaced and shuffling feet...one was even heard to mutter "its a bit kinky in there mate" as a brave hearted gent crossed the barrier into burlesque wilderness!! then, there are the guys who brazen it out...stride forward and demand their women folk don corset and dance for them! these are the gents who are rewarded with free seam stockings for their bravery!! its nice to see the men getting involved, helping their dolls look good..after all, that way its win win for everyone!! Word has travelled fast round these events and people now seek out the "betty boop lady, the one selling the corsets!" (i dont know where the betty boop reference comes in but i take it as a compliment!) and have even had remarks comparing my corset enhanced figure to that of marilyn monroe....not a sentence i ever thought id hear or am likely to again im sure!
on the website side of things....we are moving ahead, im now in the process of uploading products and as time consuming as this is its exciting to know its almost "time"!!
so good burly people...if you see my little caravan travelling the darkest roots of the british isles...do give me a beep, you cant miss me...im the one that looks like marilyn monroe!!!


  1. Love your stuff and love the website! Please pop by and add us too! http://croquetandroses.blogspot.com/


  2. Gorgeous honey. Let me know when you are selling your wares in or near Derby town as i would so love to peruse your beautiful burlesque bootie xx

  3. hi lisa! we are trading at the "delicious" burlesque event in derby on the 31st july!! come and say hi!