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A box of Burlesque

Monday, 23 May 2011

A box of Burlesque: life is a cabaret!!

A box of Burlesque: life is a cabaret!!: "hiya! how you doing? good, lovely to see your well! what have i been up to?? ooo, where do i begin!!!?! yes, im a very busy little b..."

life is a cabaret!!

hiya! how you doing? good, lovely to see your well! what have i been up to?? ooo, where do i begin!!!?!

yes, im a very busy little bee at the moment...im am i still looking after, running, stocking, posting, adminning, and general dogs body of www.aboxofburlesque.com which is still getting many a visitor through its virtual doors, what with new designs for corsets, create your own corset range, new items in the tattoo inspired jewellery catagory, and about to take delivery on a new range of dresses too thats keeping us out of trouble.

we've obviously still got the corset parties on the go to...been abit quiet this month but still going out and visiting people with our goodies and the goody felicia noir as our performer and all round good egg!

the season has started now for the summer festivals and weekend events....im very excited im trading at my very first roller derby event this weekend....im very interested to see how well our stuff is received by the roller derby community? ive naturally been doing my research and im frankly bloody amazed by how many teams there are across the nation and how ive never been involved with them before! i think its important to keep the business moving with the waves so to speak...last year it was alot about the hot rod scene, the classic car scene and the vintage arena...this year im hoping to continue growing and expand into new areas...our stuff is so broad...im mean, yes, its burlesque by name but i think the products appeal to so many genres and are very flexible allowing me to trade at many different events, obviously with varying degrees of success but its still about getting the name out there at the end of the day! so thank you central city roller girls for taking me to your bosum!

well, this week is certainly a week for firsts as ive also got my very first burelsque performance at volupte lounge....thats london baby!!! im scared, yes, but im not concerned about the performance side as i think its bloody hilarious!! are the burlesque beauties ready for the rubber face of mama-sutra...god only knows! we'll see!!!

and finally things are starting to come together for the burlesque night too...just under 3 weeks to go and only a minimal amount of tickets left, im really please how its been received and just cant wait to get going with it properly...next on the list, table and room decorations!! ooo, its the little things!!! so dont forget if you are hoping to come rush to http://www.aboxofburlesque.com/ for tickets...now! go, hurry, gawn!

Friday, 29 April 2011

A box of Burlesque: Happy Royal Wedding Day!!!

A box of Burlesque: Happy Royal Wedding Day!!!: "Yes! its upon us finally...the day we have all been waiting for! the day that sees a monumental historic event!! finally there is a webs..."

Happy Royal Wedding Day!!!

Yes! its upon us finally...the day we have all been waiting for! the day that sees a monumental historic event!!

finally there is a website where you can create your own corsets!!!

yes, im sorry, i know i should be all hyper about the wedding going on today but im much more excited about the new products we are offering!!! up loaded last night to http://www.aboxofburlesque.com/ is a new catagory called "Create your own corset" where you can pick the fabric, length, size, fastening and boning for yourself...instead of having to pick from already create corsets! so often at my Corset Parties ive heard people saying "oh, if only that was longer" or "i love the design but id want it in purple instead"....well now you can get exactly what you want!!

we have created pages on http://www.aboxofburlesque.com/ for each fabric type...a choice of brocade, deco, polka dots, satin, floral and many more in a variety of colours...you pick the fabric and then get to decide if you want a longline, shortline, or underbust and if you want steel boned or the more flexible spiral boned....finally you get to decide if you want it zip fastening or busk fastening!! i just loved the idea when i realised i could offer it and i dont know of any other place you can do this!! hope my customers like it too!!

also, things are really zipping along for "Mama-Sutra presents A box of burlesque" a night of comedy burlesque in birmnigham, broad street!! the tickets are £10 and for that we have fire performers, 3 top burlesque performers, 2 hula hoop performers, a singer, a magician, pole dancer and my debut burlesque performance too!!! its going to be a fantastic night as i wanted to offer so much that there isnt a lull in the evening...i wanted to bring back that concept of the cabaret night, the working mens/social club night where the family went and saw cabaret performers...it doesnt seem to exist outside the holiday camps now and its a shame as, coming from that background before becoming a burlesque mama i can tell you there is some fabulously talented people out there!! lets give them more of a forum than britains got talent!!!

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

and theres more....!

well, wow what a busy weekend we have had here at http://www.aboxofburlesque.com/ !! we took a break from "a box of burlesque corset parties" to hit torquay for ruby slippers retro romp!! and romp we blooming did!! me and toni carter at "Classy Chassis Clothing" shared a stall and room for the weekend and though we were there to make money we seemed to pass alot of it over the bar too!! but who could resist letting their hair down with a fantastic line up like Pippa the Ripper, The Flirtinis, Mr B the Gentleman ryhmer and Anna Fur Laxi all in one weekend!!! awesome time was had by all and peeps really got into the spirit! though toni was kind enough to buy me a bucket and spade we never got to frolic on the beach but theres always next year!

what i was most impressed with was the running of the event and particularly the organisation of the burly night! it was a fab night, very welcoming to all manner of audience, there was nothing uncomfortable about it, just straight up cabaret in the best form possible. the audience were a medley of ages and persuasions..from die hard vintage lovers to hen nights, all throwing themselves in to the spirit of the night and everyone was welcomed with open arms!

thats what i want for my night!! Mama-Sutra presents "a box of burlesque"...a night of comedy burlesque! i want to appeal to everyone, i want to open my doors to audiences steeped in the scene, fresh burly enthuiasts, the curious and the confused!!! i want ladies, men, both, neither! i want hen nights and nuns on the run!! come one, come all to a night of top entertainment!!

taking place in the heart of birmingham city centre, at Highlight in Bar Risa on june 16th our first night has fantastic performers Kiki Kaboom, Fanny Divine, Felicia Noir and pole dancer Lulu LaRocca...i want something to be happening all night so hope to mix in other demonstrations/performances too!! theres an awful lot of preparation but it shoud be Fabulous!!!

Monday, 28 March 2011

having a good rank!!!

hey hey peeps!!! its me again!! well, this we its all about ranking!!! on google that is!! its been meta-tag central over at http://www.aboxofburlesque.com/ , over 100 products and each one has to have a title, a description, a header title, a header description and a list of meta-tags or words that google pick up on the get your ranking up! i mean, how many of us will search past page 3 on google? if you type in corsets, you're offered a selection straight away so thats where i wanna be!!! trying to rank high takes alot of time and alot of effort! and plenty of links leading back to http://www.aboxofburlesque.com/... so far ive ranked top of page 3 for burlesque clothing so heading in the right direction at least!! pleased to say though that we are top of the first page for CORSET PARTIES!! on google so major celebrations to be thrown!!! dont know if you've seen it yet but we now have a new page on the website so click the link on the home page and take a look!!! our biggest announcement this week is the launch of our very own burlesque night!!!! yes, we have our own burlesque night to celebrate our first year anniversary!! details to follow very soon xxx

Saturday, 12 March 2011

im back again!!

howdy pardners!!!

yes, look...two weeks in a row and im back writing another blog!! im being a good girl i am?!!

its been a very busy week...had a great photoshoot for some new products and revamping old shots for http://www.aboxofburlesque.com/ with my original "box of burlesque bitches"....felicia noir, hanny belle and lulu laRocca who not only models but blooming well takes the piccys too as owner, photographer and all round good egg of http://www.cherrypoppictures.com/ !! as we have started making our own fascinators and jewellery and bustles and stuffs there was a fair bit of new gear to add and it was good to get a response off the girls on the items...hopefully they were impressed and we got some good shots...i like to use the same girls as it gives a overall familarity to the site, like my customers feel they begin to know them too!!! plus, they are cracking people too!!

felicia is also a burlesque performer and we have started to collaborate on the "a box of burlesque corset parties"...so im now able to offer a burlesque performer on the night..maybe it'll encourage some guests to try the tassels on too!! only had one party so far with some brave souls who pastied on the pasties!! funnily enough them pictures never made it to facebook!! keeping on the corset party theme i now have a new page on the website http://www.aboxofburlesque.com/ advertising the corset parties with some great action shots!! hopefully that'll get more people booking up but you'll have to be quick as im now taking bookings for august!!!

so...as ive got corsets to order, dresses to wrap for postage, etsy to restock and websites to maintain i'll run for now but i'll be back next week...promise!!!