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A box of Burlesque

Thursday, 20 May 2010

shooting from the hip!

hey you burly girlie's and lascivious lads!

first official blog from the burlesque beauty
! the pimp momma bringing you all the best burlesque and vintage gear to satisfy your frivolous fixes!! the last few weeks have been a crazy whirl of corsets, fascinators, nipple pasties and admiring binks merkins!! (thats an in joke im afraid!!) ive been very fortunate to secure many creative and talented people wishing to help me on my road to decadent goodness and eager to show me the pit falls and positives around every corner...so, im able to bring some of the most exquisite pieces of jewelery, hair accessories, clothing and costumes from the burlesque, retro, vintage and rockabilly scene. And a thanks goes to Roxy Twirls and Cookie Noir, who little do they know it, were the first burlesque people i became friends with and that lead on to this...so thank you to girls!

so far, we're still in the process of preparing for our launch...im thinking decadent venue, amazing performers, and...err, plenty of booze! but in order to get the website up i need fabuloso fotos to show my products (and my harem girls!) off at their best...enter the box of burlesque bitches..a tour de'force of gorgeous faces and nice asses!! yes, here come the girls indeed!! Felicia Noir, Collette von Tora, Lulu LaRocca, Aimee Lamour, Hanny Belle and Tootsie Sugar..real women! so far we have taken over the electric cinema in Birmingham for a clothing shoot that produced some stunning images taken by Andy Simon at darkslide photography (fab!) done a rather hilarious but amazing fetish shoot and today we undertook the hardest job of all, the products shots!

necklaces, hair clips and fiddly bits aren't the easiest things to pictured but again, the team managed amazingly...and made it a fun and enjoyable day so thanks guys! you will be the making of the website (and possibly the death of me!!)...keep your eyes open for these pictures as it was a product shoot with a difference!

so, the next step is many days of uploading products to the site...then continuing with our nationwide plan to dominate the rockabilly scene one trade event at a time!!

dont forget to visit the site and event your details, follow us on facebook and keep your eyes peeled for the big launch!!
come and visit us at heresy and heels this saturday!!


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