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A box of Burlesque

Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Awesomeness in all its glory!

whey! ive got some of the pictures back from the product shoot and they are most awesome dude (as two wise philosophers once said)! im so proud of my little box of burlesque slash vintage slash delights! the photographer was andy simon from www.darkslidephotography.co.uk, a talented guy who has done alot of work for my websites and hopefully will continue to do so! it wasnt an easy brief..."i want product shots but i dont want them to look like product shots, so make sure the products are in the shots but dont concentrate on the products but focus on making it a good shot...ok?"!!
the idea was that i wanted "action" shots...i wanted the pictures to show something happening, and therefore the products (necklaces, hats, bags and erm..ruffle pants) would be shown "being used"...now, i know thats not the point of product shots but i think it brings the stuff to life, i think its more appealing if you can see the item being used or worn, if it catches your eye...i would rather see a dress on a real girl than on a doll and ive found that the fascinators and necklaces in particular are totally different items when being worn!
so with that in mind, we trapses off to the studio of www.cherrypoppictures.com with my box of burlesque bitches in tow! i like the idea of having resident models that are used continously on the website, that people become familar with, like naughty little sisters! and introducing other models for special catagories etc...i also like the idea of using real women..no restriction on size or shape...if we were all the same we wouldnt have to get our kit off to entertain others would we??! my girls are...the flirty felicia noir (who has a nice set of jugs so ive been told!)luscious Lulu larocca, hot hanny belle, cutey collette von tora, titivating toosie sugar (and not forgetting the admirable aimee lamour who has appeared on previous shoots!) these girls represent the fun of the burlesque/vintage scene and put that across in the pictures, they are also a great bunch to be with!
the results of the shoot speak for themselves...we had fun (andy sure did being the only man there, oh apart from the jewellery maker in the building opposite who had his filthy kitchen invaded by tootsies feather duster!) and its a pleasure to say that this is my job...ultimately, ive met a great bunch of people and if it all goes tits up tomorrow atleast i'll have that!
other news on the horizon...we are supporting the charity www.pinupforheroes.co.uk (run by andy simon) by supplying costumes etc for the lucky girls...a very worthy cause and it'll be fun to see the results too!
and also, we have taken on sponsorship of the amazing LEXI SEXX, a fantastic burlesque performer who i hope to bring you more news from very soon! x

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