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A box of Burlesque

Monday, 23 May 2011

life is a cabaret!!

hiya! how you doing? good, lovely to see your well! what have i been up to?? ooo, where do i begin!!!?!

yes, im a very busy little bee at the moment...im am i still looking after, running, stocking, posting, adminning, and general dogs body of www.aboxofburlesque.com which is still getting many a visitor through its virtual doors, what with new designs for corsets, create your own corset range, new items in the tattoo inspired jewellery catagory, and about to take delivery on a new range of dresses too thats keeping us out of trouble.

we've obviously still got the corset parties on the go to...been abit quiet this month but still going out and visiting people with our goodies and the goody felicia noir as our performer and all round good egg!

the season has started now for the summer festivals and weekend events....im very excited im trading at my very first roller derby event this weekend....im very interested to see how well our stuff is received by the roller derby community? ive naturally been doing my research and im frankly bloody amazed by how many teams there are across the nation and how ive never been involved with them before! i think its important to keep the business moving with the waves so to speak...last year it was alot about the hot rod scene, the classic car scene and the vintage arena...this year im hoping to continue growing and expand into new areas...our stuff is so broad...im mean, yes, its burlesque by name but i think the products appeal to so many genres and are very flexible allowing me to trade at many different events, obviously with varying degrees of success but its still about getting the name out there at the end of the day! so thank you central city roller girls for taking me to your bosum!

well, this week is certainly a week for firsts as ive also got my very first burelsque performance at volupte lounge....thats london baby!!! im scared, yes, but im not concerned about the performance side as i think its bloody hilarious!! are the burlesque beauties ready for the rubber face of mama-sutra...god only knows! we'll see!!!

and finally things are starting to come together for the burlesque night too...just under 3 weeks to go and only a minimal amount of tickets left, im really please how its been received and just cant wait to get going with it properly...next on the list, table and room decorations!! ooo, its the little things!!! so dont forget if you are hoping to come rush to http://www.aboxofburlesque.com/ for tickets...now! go, hurry, gawn!

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