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A box of Burlesque

Friday, 29 April 2011

Happy Royal Wedding Day!!!

Yes! its upon us finally...the day we have all been waiting for! the day that sees a monumental historic event!!

finally there is a website where you can create your own corsets!!!

yes, im sorry, i know i should be all hyper about the wedding going on today but im much more excited about the new products we are offering!!! up loaded last night to http://www.aboxofburlesque.com/ is a new catagory called "Create your own corset" where you can pick the fabric, length, size, fastening and boning for yourself...instead of having to pick from already create corsets! so often at my Corset Parties ive heard people saying "oh, if only that was longer" or "i love the design but id want it in purple instead"....well now you can get exactly what you want!!

we have created pages on http://www.aboxofburlesque.com/ for each fabric type...a choice of brocade, deco, polka dots, satin, floral and many more in a variety of colours...you pick the fabric and then get to decide if you want a longline, shortline, or underbust and if you want steel boned or the more flexible spiral boned....finally you get to decide if you want it zip fastening or busk fastening!! i just loved the idea when i realised i could offer it and i dont know of any other place you can do this!! hope my customers like it too!!

also, things are really zipping along for "Mama-Sutra presents A box of burlesque" a night of comedy burlesque in birmnigham, broad street!! the tickets are £10 and for that we have fire performers, 3 top burlesque performers, 2 hula hoop performers, a singer, a magician, pole dancer and my debut burlesque performance too!!! its going to be a fantastic night as i wanted to offer so much that there isnt a lull in the evening...i wanted to bring back that concept of the cabaret night, the working mens/social club night where the family went and saw cabaret performers...it doesnt seem to exist outside the holiday camps now and its a shame as, coming from that background before becoming a burlesque mama i can tell you there is some fabulously talented people out there!! lets give them more of a forum than britains got talent!!!

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