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A box of Burlesque

Saturday, 12 March 2011

im back again!!

howdy pardners!!!

yes, look...two weeks in a row and im back writing another blog!! im being a good girl i am?!!

its been a very busy week...had a great photoshoot for some new products and revamping old shots for http://www.aboxofburlesque.com/ with my original "box of burlesque bitches"....felicia noir, hanny belle and lulu laRocca who not only models but blooming well takes the piccys too as owner, photographer and all round good egg of http://www.cherrypoppictures.com/ !! as we have started making our own fascinators and jewellery and bustles and stuffs there was a fair bit of new gear to add and it was good to get a response off the girls on the items...hopefully they were impressed and we got some good shots...i like to use the same girls as it gives a overall familarity to the site, like my customers feel they begin to know them too!!! plus, they are cracking people too!!

felicia is also a burlesque performer and we have started to collaborate on the "a box of burlesque corset parties"...so im now able to offer a burlesque performer on the night..maybe it'll encourage some guests to try the tassels on too!! only had one party so far with some brave souls who pastied on the pasties!! funnily enough them pictures never made it to facebook!! keeping on the corset party theme i now have a new page on the website http://www.aboxofburlesque.com/ advertising the corset parties with some great action shots!! hopefully that'll get more people booking up but you'll have to be quick as im now taking bookings for august!!!

so...as ive got corsets to order, dresses to wrap for postage, etsy to restock and websites to maintain i'll run for now but i'll be back next week...promise!!!

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