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A box of Burlesque

Thursday, 14 October 2010


Hello there burly believers!!

first off...a HUGE mahusive apology for not being upto date with my blogs...yes, i can use all the excuses under the sun.."ive been busy", "my computer broke" or "the dog ate me!" but the truth is...with everything else going on i just havent got round to it! but from now on i will be more forthcoming with my bloggeries...i promise...cross my feather fans and hope to dye!! (my hair!)

so...a box of vintage is now open and providing the very best in vintage inspired dresses, upto a size 22 and that alone is receiving amazing responses from peeps! its nice to cater for the curvier girl and to add to this i did a curvy girl shoot with claire hearne at http://www.cherrypoppictures.com/ , using fantastic model Felicia Noir (a regular box of burlesque model), the stunning Loula Cherry and the adorable Cherri Rocks...i must admit i was tempted to add in a "cherry" so i didnt get left out!! the shoot went exceptional well and im very lucky to have such fabulous people wanting to work with me...the results can be found at http://www.aboxofburlesque.com

we are now creating exclusive jewellery and hair accessories for http://www.aboxofvintage.com/ , and i have an amazing "mystery designer" working alongside me to create desirable pieces such as hair flowers, barrettes and necklaces...for halloween we even have a small selection of miniature pumpkins on hair clips!! my mystery designer and i have been lurking around till well gone midnight fervently making, glueing, sticking and generally arguing over what will sell and what won't...though im pleased to report that i was RIGHT as far as the "lovebirds" went and they are "flying" off the shelves much to my mystery designer's annoyance...he really doesnt like it when im right!!! (though i won't admit that he's probably right about not developing it into a nest full of lovebirds...that may be a bit much!!!)

though the trade events are mainly over now for the year we are gearing up with our "A box of Burlesque Corset Evenings"....a night of corsets, lingerie, hair accessories and general burly-ness! its had a great response and we are getting very busy...just when i thought i could rest after a summer of touring round, im taking to the car again to bring corsets to the masses!!! so, if you do want to book, don't be put off by the geography...have corsets, will travel!
and, don't forget that christmas is looming, 71 days to go in actual fact! so, if you are looking for outfits for the office party, got a moulin rouge new years eve do...or even on the hunt for affordable stockings fillers...you will probably find everything you need at www.aboxofburlesque.com ...get yourself a dress, your daughter a hair flower and the mother-in-law a corset...all done!!! x

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